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Vision & Mission

Founded in 1982, Rafic Hariri High School is a non-profit secular educational institution. The average number of educational and administrative staff amounts to 180.

RHHS Vision:

“Building an educated and effective learning community that overcomes
challenges and adapts flexibly to changes.”

Mission Statement:

RHHS aims at developing compassionate and respectful lifelong learners

who actively engage in inquiring about significant and relevant issues.

RHHS empowers learners with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to grow up

into empathetic and global citizens who use their critical thinking and problem

solving abilities to take action in improving the local and global communities.

RHHS aims at:

  1. Ensuring a secure, healthy environment and educating learners on how to
    maintain it.
  2. Equipping learners with the skills needed to become inquirers and
    knowledgeable learners.
  3. Assisting learners in improving their abilities to take pride in their individual
    and collective achievements.
  4. Staying up-to-date with the latest academic and technological advancements
    in the field of education and working to develop them in a sustainable way.
  5. Applying learning and teaching methods aligned with the 21st Century Skills.
  6. Providing an engaging atmosphere that develops the various arts and
    promotes creativity.
  7. Creating opportunities to strengthen cooperation, communication, and unity
    between school community – parents, administrators, educators, and alumni.
  8. Developing a diverse school community that respects the law.
  9. Spreading and enhancing the techniques for positive communication.
  10. Developing crisis management planning skills.
  11. Developing and reinforcing a culture of community service.
  12. Reinforcing the spirit of citizenship.
  13. Deepening the concept of openness and international mindedness.