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Tech Guide

RHHS Email

  • How to open RHHS email?

You can access RHHS email at the website home page or at this link: login.microsoftonline.com

  • How to configure RHHS email on mobile/tablet?
  1. Go to Mobile/Tablet settings
  2. Add Exchange/Microsoft Exchange Account
  3. Enter Username: your RHHS Email
  4. Description: Name this mailbox ex. RHHS Email
  5. Password: Email Password sent to you
  6. Choose Sign in or Configure automatically not manually
  7. If you choose manual configuration:
    1. username is the same as the email, just copy paste it
    2. server is: outlook.office365.com

What if you forget email password?

We have to reset it for you.

email: support@rhhs.edu.lb

WhatsApp: 961-76-948208

Tel: 961-7-723551 ext. 215 or 237


How to use TEAMS?

You can use TEAMS web app when you login with your RHHS email (login.microsoftonline.com) or you can download the application at this link:


How to login to TEAMS?

Always sign in to TEAMS with your RHHS Email and Password.

MS Teams Student Guide


Eduflag is a mobile application for parents to stay updated about their children at school. It covers student’s attendance, medical incidents, behavior notes, grades, agenda, fees and news.

How to download Eduflag?

You can download Eduflag application on your mobile/tablet from Appstore or Playstore.

How to login?

You need a username and password from the school. You can use the same username and password on more than one device. Contact us to send you the username and password by SMS.

RHHS Portal

Portal is the web page where all student-teacher interactions takes place. Agenda, assignments and grades are posted on the portal for students to check. Parents also can access the portal to check their children’s Agenda, Grades etc..

How to access RHHS Portal?

You can access RHHS Portal through our website Home Page or at this link:


Parents can keep track of their children’s school work by signing in using the same username and password of Eduflag.

Every student has a username and password that they can get from school.

For more inquiry, contact us:

email: support@rhhs.edu.lb

WhatsApp: 961-76-948208

Tel: 961-7-723551 ext. 215 or 237