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Student’s Application

General Admission Criteria

RHHS welcomes applications from all countries regardless of color, gender, race, nationality, religion, or political interests. RHHS does not discriminate among applicants. All applicants who submit a complete application within the time announced will be equally considered.

Admission Process

The major entry level for new students is KG1. A limited number of vacancies may be available at other levels, depending on attrition.

1.     Admission to KG1 Classes
  • Admission application to KG1 classes usually takes place in January, June and August.
  • Parents or legal guardians have to fill out an application form and provide the school with the needed documents listed below.
  • A Child must be 3 years of age (on or before Jan 31).
2.     Admission to KG2 & KG3, Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary Levels
  • RHHS accepts applications throughout the year starting from mid-January.
  • Parents or legal guardians must fill and complete each student’s application, and submit it with all the required documents listed below.
  • Age-eligibility is based on the regulations of the Ministry of Education for each level.
  • For applicants currently not residing in Lebanon, the fields of the application that cannot be completed must be provided upon arrival to Lebanon.
  • All documents submitted with the application become the property of the school.
  • Incomplete applications fail to be processed.

Entrance Exam:

All candidates must sit for an Entrance Exam which can be administered either during June or August.

1- KG2 & KG3

Students are interviewed and screened.

2- Basic Education 2 to First Secondary

Students sit for entrance exams in the core subjects (Math, Arabic and English or French).

3- Second Secondary:

Students sit for an entrance exam in the core subjects (Math, Arabic and English or French) and choose two science subjects (Physics, Chemistry or Biology).

4- Third Secondary:
  • Life Sciences Track: Students sit for an entrance exam in the core subjects (Math, Arabic, English or French and Biology) and choose one science subject (Physics or Chemistry).
  • General Sciences Track: Students sit for an entrance exam in the core subjects  (Math, Arabic, English or French, Physics and Chemistry).
  • Literature and Humanities Track: Students sit for an entrance exam in the core subjects (Math, Arabic, English or French and Philosophy) and choose one science subject (Physics, Chemistry or Biology).
  • Sociology and Economics Track: Students sit for an entrance exam in the core subjects (Math, Arabic, English or French, Economics and Sociology).

These tests help to determine if the applicants have attained the minimum expected standard for each subject. A committee constituted from the principal, heads of divisions, and subject coordinators take the final decision for admission.

Teachers may submit recommendations to the principal concerning the progress of the students.

Application Requirements:

1- Application form

Contains information about the candidate. Applications are available in the Admission Office or online (EnglishArabicFrench)

2- Needed Documents for Admission:

a)    Lebanese Applicants
  1. Identical recent passport-size photos
    1. 6 for KGI
    1. 2 for KGII till Grade 12
  2. Official transcript of the current year and the previous year to be handed in before sitting for the entrance exam.
  3. Copies of class completion and recommendation certificates from the current school, certified from the Department of Education, showing the applicant’s number on the list.
  4. Secondary school level applicants should submit a certified copy of the Lebanese Brevet certificate, issued from the Department of Education
  5. Original or certified copy of the applicant’s current year “Ikhraj Keid”
  6. Original or certified copy of the applicant’s current year “Family Ikhraj Keid”
  7. Copy of applicant’s ID (if available)
  8. Copy of the health record
b)    Non-Lebanese applicants

Must be present In addition to the items (2.a.1 to 2.a.4) listed above:

  1. An original ID for Palestinians issued from the Director General for Palestinian Refugees or a newly “Ikhraj Keid”
  2. The applicant’s Permanent Residence Permit issued from the Lebanese General Security Directorate
c)     Applicants coming from abroad:

Must be present in addition to needed documents for Lebanese & Non-Lebanese Applicants

  1. A certified equivalency for the current class, issued from the Equivalency Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (UNESCO) only for Applicants to grade 7 till grade 12.
  2. A copy of their photo and personal details page of their passport and the General Security stamped passport page, showing the entry date to Lebanon for applicants to grade 2 till grade 6.


No applicant shall be admitted to school unless he or she has successfully passed the previous academic year.

No applicant shall sit for the entrance exam before submitting all the required documents.

Request a Visit

Admissions office can arrange an appointment between the Head of the Divisions and the parents for a tour around the school premises.

Tours are not offered during weekends or official holidays.

For more information on admissions, applications, entrance requirements, or withdrawal please contact the Admissions Office on extension 216


Email:   registrar@rhhs.edu.lb