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RHHS offers two tracks:

-The Lebanese system (English-French)

-The American system.

Both tracks follow the IBPYP program from KG1 until BE5. Students following the Lebanese track will sit for the official exams, join universities as sophomore students while the students following the American System track will be exempted from the official exams, and join universities as freshman students.

The American System Program provides the students with Arabic, social studies classes apart from the Lebanese curriculum. Other subjects will be common with the Lebanese curriculum classes. All American system sit for an Arabic placement test.

Learning support

RHHS believes in diversity and our vision entitles us to work on supporting every student to reach his/her utmost potentials. With this in mind, a specialized Educational Support department has been established with the help of professionals in the field to cater for mild to moderate learning, psychological or physical needs. The school is able to accommodate a limited number of students with diverse learning needs during each academic year.