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Founded in 1982, Rafic Hariri High School is a non-profit secular educational institution.

The average number of educational and administrative staff amounts to 180.

The total number of students ranges between 1300 to 1400 students.

The average number of students per class is 25.

PreSchool Education

  • KGI/PS

Basic Education

  • The first cycle covers grade levels BE1, BE2, and BE3
  • The second cycle covers grade levels BE4, BE5, and BE6
  • The third cycle covers grade levels BE6, BE7, BE8, and BE9

(Both English and French sections are available)

Secondary Education

Secondary education covers:

  • SE1
  • SE2 (Science and Humanities)
  • SE3 ( General Science, Life Science, Sociology and Economics, and  Literary and Humanities)

(Both English and French sections are available)